Lutherans Over the Edge

June 24, 2017

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Randy Behm

Randy Behm

Call me crazy (you wouldn't be the first), but I am raising money for the Lutheran Churches throughout Greater Cleveland by rappelling down the 18 floor DoubleTree Hotel in downtown Cleveland.  Please help support me by donating toward my rappel.

I'm tired of the traditional fundraisers, like golf outings (I haven't golfed in years) and bake sales. Besides, I enjoy unusual events. So, why am I doing this -- because I can.

I will be rappelling for Gethsemane Lutheran Church in Lakewood, Ohio. Gethsemane already conducts a number of activites in support of young adults in its community. Gethsemane hosts tudoring programs for the children of young families, offers facilities for alcohol and drug abuse support groups, community meals for disadvantaged families and runs an elementary school (Lakewood Lutheran School). With funds raised from this event, Gethsemane hopes to expand these programs and serve the young adults in additional ways.

Your donation will support these programs and let me go "Over The Edge".  Please help me achieve my goal of raising $2,000.

You can also join me at the Landing Party at the base of the rappel on June 24th. There will be games, food and drinks, along with great fellowship, for everyone. It will be a fabulous time!

Lutherans Over The Edge celebrates the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Church by providing recognition and fundraising for the Lutheran Churches throughout Greater Cleveland. Lutherans Over The Edge is coordinated by Gethsemane Evangelical Lutheran Church in Lakewood, Ohio, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

MY TARGET: $2,000.00
RAISED: $1,345.00
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