Lutherans Over the Edge

June 24, 2017

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Fundraising Tips

Information For Rappellers

The document below may help you get started with your fundraising:

          Lutherans Over The Edge -- Fundraising Suggestions

If you are unsure who you should be contacting about donating toward your rappel, you may want to look at these checklists:

         Who do you know?

Information For Churches

The following documents will be useful for churches to use in promoting Lutherans Over The Edge in their newletters, bulletins and other publications.  Please feel free to download and print any of them.  However, do not modify the logos or pictures as they are the property of Over The Edge USA, Inc and are only made available through a contract with Gethsemane Ev. Lutheran Church of Lakewood, Ohio.


Information for Church Leaders                                 Event flyer for potential Rappellers

Bulletin Blurbs

Each blurb contains a Color and Black & White version in Word format. For Long Blurbs the Black & White version is on the second page. Please check back regularly for newly added blurbs.

Long Blurbs

Introduction    Event Summary     Fun in Fundraising     Shout from the Roof     Simple Fundraising     It's a Lutheran

Short Blurbs

What are You Wating For     Landing Party     Simple Fundraising     Thrill of a Lifetime

Logos & Pictures